We are based out of Oroville CA, our company is working hard to give people a quality tire for a fair price. We have backgrounds in logging, trucking and heavy equipment operations and have seen first hand what poor quality products can cost in production and downtime. The right balance of cost and quality is critical for success in any operation, the tires we sell will reduce your cost per hour when the correct tire is chosen for the application. Our mission is to be a long term provider of quality & value you can trust. We stand behind our products and our products stand behind us with a 5 year pro-rated warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Our Products


 We offer drive, steer, trailer, and all position tires for not only standard sizes but also for tall, super singles, and low pro tires. We also carry heavy equipment tires for all your industrial needs from farming and logging to mining operations. We carry brands such as PrimeX, Alliance, Galaxy, Constellation, Aeolus and Jinyu. Please Call for more information, send us a email, or click the button below for a quote on pricing.